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Alyssadaltonn7 7 days ago

40. Ping (4) Chicken/Pork

The chicken ping is LITERALLY THE BEAT CHICKEN I HAVE EVER TASTED IN MY LIFE. probably order it once a week it is amazing!

Shiho about 1 month ago

12. Calamari

This is the best Caramari. Lightly buttered salted and super crispy.

Colinmatthes about 2 months ago

20. Som Tum Thai

If you've never tried Som Tum, you should try it here. I've had it from a lot of places in America, but this is the best som tum I've had. Get it with a side of sticky rice and eat it together.

Miye about 2 months ago

10. Fresh Summer Rolls (2)

Delicious, fresh, love the crispy veggies. Also, the peanut sauce is the best I've ever had!

Snkief 2 months ago

40. Ping (4) Chicken/Pork

So delicious and perfectly moist!

Mariapcrawshaw 2 months ago

54. Spicy Crispy Chicken Basil

The spicy crispy chicken basil is my absolute favorite here, for breakfast and lunch. It is served with a perfectly prepared fried egg. In addition to the amazing food, the staff at Khao San are always extra friendly and cool, making the entire experience great. We love Khao San!

Erinpelham 2 months ago

35. Khao Soi Chicken

This is one of their best dishes!

Hl 2 months ago

10. Fresh Summer Rolls (2)

We love Khao San. All of the food is fantastic, it's not too spicy and very flavorful. Some of the best thai food in Portland.

Amber 3 months ago

35. Khao Soi Chicken

We've tried many dishes here and love them all. The Khao Soi is our favorite that we have had outside of Thailand! We also love getting the larb, crispy basil chicken, kor mu yaang, massaman curry, and salad rolls. This is our fave Thai restaurant in Portland, you really can't go wrong!!

Cgproberts 3 months ago

12. Calamari

When I eat at Khao San with the kids, we used to order 2 of these...We recently bumped it up to 3 so we can all get enough.

Huangky 3 months ago

1. Spicy Eggplant w/ Beef

Great food very tasty!

Rathamanysin 4 months ago

34. Jungle Curry Chicken

One of the best curry ive ever had, people must come and try this place. Authentic food, great workers, great environment. Brings me back to thailand 😁😁 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Mikeychown 4 months ago

5. Pad Prik Pow Crispy Chicken with Rice

This is mine and my wife's FAVORITE place to get a quick lunch. She is highly sensitive to gluten and I don't think there is more than one dish that isn't gluten free, which makes this place the best! We both work across the street and we can never get enough of it.

Karen 4 months ago

14. Coco Potato Fries

I just ordered from Khao San for the first time. Their food is absolutely amazing and my favorite is the Coco potatoes. Need them in bulk! Taking the last bite was sad. Will be getting more soon 😁 Their packaging of the food was on point for delivery. Still hot and in the containers neatly to my surprise. Awesome experience.

Shaunnanc 4 months ago

14. Coco Potato Fries

I get these every single time I eat here. They are a little sweet, a little savory, and the sauce they serve with them is excellent! Best sweet potato fries I've tried

Ceseonu 4 months ago

13. Hoy Joh (5)

Delicious. I sometimes order multiple as an entree.

Takoma66 4 months ago

11. Fresh Spring Bites (4)

This is one of our favorite appetizers. The spring bites are fresh, crunchy, and delicious. Pro tip - take the back of the spoon and make a little hole and pour the sauce into the spring bite!

Andrewswkim47 5 months ago

62. Pad Kee Mao w/ Beef

This spot always hits! It's like the beginning of Kanye West's Runaway, as soon as the keys hit, you know it's going to be a banger. The noodles are never soggy, and the flavor is always right unlike my morning oatmeal.

Jakob 5 months ago

3. Khao San Holy Basil Chicken

So delicious! It's tough to find good lunch spots but this is definitely one to put on the list!

Roxanne 5 months ago

32. Mussamun Curry Chicken

I recently moved to the north west and absolutely love Thai food..! I got lost one day and discovered Kaho San and I'm very grateful for my bad since of direction! Anywho were to begin service amazing love the young man that works in the evening great services and conversation, food amazing! I have tried it all curry is to die for, the thia noodles are epic my usual take out, the pork and split pees dangerously addictive! The spring rolls and calamari are a must have. I could keep going and going but you just have to try for yourselves it's amazing food and atmosphere. Thank you 🙏

Davidzritter 25 days ago

36. Mussamun Curry Short Ribs with Roti

Rich and savory beef curry. Pairs extremely well with the buttery pastries. One of the better meals i've had in portland!

Patricia about 2 months ago

50. Spicy Green Bean w/ Crispy Pork Belly

No matter how often I go to or order from Khao San, I always have the spicy green bean with crispy pork is awesome!

Miye about 2 months ago

62. Pad Kee Mao w/ Beef

This was the first dish my husband ever tried (and his first time eating Thai). We have tried other restaurants versions of this dish, and he says Khao Sans is the best. Spicy and delicious.

Miye about 2 months ago

35. Khao Soi Chicken

The best dish on the menu! I always sub tofu for chicken. This is the dish that got me hooked on Khao San. I could eat it every night. The noodles, the sauce, pickles, the cilantro, it's all perfect

Jeff 2 months ago

13. Hoy Joh (5)

Khao San is one of our favorite restaurants. Their food is amazing. Last week we ordered the Hoh Joh (#13), garlic chicken (#7) - a lunch menu item they agreed to make us for dinner (thank you!), spicy green bean w/crispy pork belly (#50), and the pad char pla (#53) - catfish. I don't normally like pork belly but this dish (#50) converted me. Everything we ordered was delicious. Would highly recommend a visit!

Megumi 2 months ago

12. Calamari

Delicious— as is your whole menu

Daniellewillard 2 months ago

33. Pumpkin Curry Chicken

I especially love their pumpkin curry but I've tried many other items and everything is super

Ewiesenauer 3 months ago

24. Yum Near

We love Khao San for its food, fast ease of service (very young-kid friendly!), and atmosphere. It's hard to pick just one favorite dish. We also love Khao Soy, coco potatoes, and crispy green beans. I love how we can order dishes with tofu instead of meat. We always introduce our visiting families and friends to KS when they come to visit. Love this place.

Amanda 3 months ago

13. Hoy Joh (5)

Everything at Khao San is so good! The ingredients are fresh and well prepared. Highly recommended!!

Miagabriel22 3 months ago

40. Ping (4) Chicken/Pork

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Best chicken I have ever eaten, I am constantly craving it, and never leave any leftovers:)

Millerkelseya 4 months ago

61. Pad See Eew w/ Chicken

I've been going to Khao San for 3 years and haven't had a dish that was less than amazing. Favorite Thai restaurant in town. Must try the Crispy Chicken Wings and the Mussaman Curry.

Dickraub70 4 months ago

35. Khao Soi Chicken

Probably the best dish that I have had at the Bethany restaurant (several times). Actually, it is better than dishes I have had and enjoyed at other Thai restaurants. Although the menu shows spicy, it is just the right amount. However, there are several more dinners I could have chosen - just this is at the top.

Ben 4 months ago

35. Khao Soi Chicken

Love the Khao Soi here! It is my girlfriends favorite, we get it all the time.

Ruoxi 4 months ago

34. Jungle Curry Chicken

This dish was so good! I am almost a regular at Khao San. Great food, staff, and environment.

Alberttalcottj 4 months ago

34. Jungle Curry Chicken

Great low carb-option! Good flavor, spice and portion.

Steigerwaldandrea 4 months ago

60. Pad Thai street Style w/ Shrimp

I really appreciate having delicious Thai food close by that reminds me of my travels to Thailand! I have been to Thailand three times and this is the only pad thai i've tried that tastes like tamarind - like it is supposed to! I am looking forward to trying more! Great service, great food.

Nataliasnotebooks 5 months ago

12. Calamari

Great Calamari! My car died outside of your restaurant and while I waited for the mechanic, I went inside to take a look. I was shocked at how delicious the food was and at such a great price! While it was a rough day, your restaurant made it better.

Jkramer142 5 months ago

61. Pad See Eew w/ Chicken

One of the best Thai Restaurant that I have ever been to. Pad See Eew is what I usually get, but their like the Holy Basil and Pad Thaivdishes are incredible too.

Shannonmferguson 5 months ago

11. Fresh Spring Bites (4)

It is not only bursting with flavor but you feel good about what you are eating and you don't feel weighed down after eating. I paired it with the papaya salad and it was filling and refreshing. I want it now!!!!

Grace 5 months ago

20. Som Tum Thai

The BEST som yum in Portland. The staff is always kind.


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